The health benefits of yoga have been well documented, and our team here at Burnett Chiropractic seeks to enrich the lives of both people who are new to the world of yoga, as well as those who are well versed.

Whether you are completely new with no idea where to begin, or if you are a master yogi seeking a new challenge, we welcome all!

We embrace a spirit of welcoming and acceptance to those entering the world of yoga. Though it may seem intimidating at first, you will learn that there is no judgment from anyone. Instead, we provide a calming atmosphere so that new students can feel comfortable embarking on their journey.

Burnett Chiropractic also serves as an excellent home for the experienced yea student. Our certified instructors tailor their classes to the level of the participants involved, meaning you can seek new challenges.

At Burnett Chiropractic, we promise to greet you with a smile and welcoming spirit. We are truly pleased to help you attain whatever goals you seek to achieve.